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Poultry Netting

Hexagonal mesh, galvanized or vinyl coated for superior durability. It is flexible yet strong, rust resistant. Use in commercial applications, such as chicken houses, also for farm, home, lawn and garden projects.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized before weaving and / or after weaving.
    Hexagonal poultry netting has reinforced lines equally spaced across the netting
    It is made perfectly straight and flat, and stays that way for a long service life.
    Use for garden fencing, poultry enclosures, insulation retainers, storage bins, and decorative supports.

Product Description

For lawn and garden users, this lightweight hex-mesh is offered in user friendly packaging for the do-it-yourselfer in a hurry and looking for a low cost product to accomplish their project. Applications: Ideal for confinement of poultry, rabbits and other small animals. Great for window and frame coverings, arts and craft projects, vegetable and flower supports, plant protection, soil erosion and small animal cages.



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